EAT BETTER NOT LESS – 5 Healthy Tips For Losing Weight

We live in a world where overweight is one of the main problems in life. Obesity cases has been double since 1980, and in 2008, a study reported that there are 1.5 billion people who were obese.

For your information, there are many health problems that linger when a person is obese. Some of the health problems are cancer, heart problems, and diabetes. In this article, you will know 5 tips on how to prevent being obese.

Prevent It :

You can do a lot of things to prevent obesity. It is basically how you think of it. You have a great power to your health. Think of the fact that you are the one who controls how to maintain a good health while you are still living. Of course diseases are inevitable but you can reduce the risks of your by practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Activity :

Working out is very important in weight loss and being healthy. It strengthens your body and it builds muscles. When you exercise, your metabolism will increase due to the higher metabolic rate of muscles compared to fats. Therefore, include strength training routines when you exercise. Two to three strength training per week is already enough. By doing this, you will start to notice some changes in your weight.

Good Fats And Bad Fats :

You can add healthy fats to your meals. An example of a healthy fat is omega fatty acid found of fresh fish. A good source of omega fatty acids is Salmon fish. Including two to three servings of this fat will be very beneficial to your health and weight loss program. Also, adding avocadoes to your diet can have a huge impact to your health. Avocadoes are very nutritious and contain high monosaturated fats. When making a salad, add some avocadoes in it. You can also make guacamole dip with vegetable sticks like carrots and celery. Other good sources of healthy fats are virgin olive oil and grass fed beef. You can enjoy numerous benefits from consuming olive oil because it has been proven to increase fat burning and reduce inflammation levels in the body.

Eliminate Sugar :

Sugar is one thing to eliminate or reduce in your diet program, especially when you are in a weight loss program. Consuming too much sugar will signal your body to use insulin to burn it off. The result will make the insulin spike. So whatever elements that are not used will be converted into fats. Reduce your sugar consumption to 10 percent of daily calorie consumption. You should be careful for hidden sugars in juices and sodas.

Having A Healthy Breakfast :

Your metabolism is at rest when you are sleeping. This process is known as catabolism. So to activate your metabolism efficiently, you have to eat a healthy breakfast. Having whole grains and protein in breakfast is good. A healthy breakfast can include veggie omelet paired with whole wheat bread. You can also have oatmeal with fresh fruits on top and a protein bar. Always drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated.

That’s our 5 tips for losing weight while maintain your health. What do you think? We’love to hear you tips on losing weight without sacrificing your own health.

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